We please to introduce Sharbin International as one of prominent manufacturer, supplier & exporter of the hygiene paper products & food packaging products.

We at Sharbin International manufactures Hygiene disposable and food packaging products with in-house manufacturing facility and a team of quality experts who are continuously in touch of market and innovations which leads us towards high quality core competencies.

We are a team of young entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the paper & food packaging industries which allows us to cope up in the market with mixture of great experience and young talent.

With a short span of time Sharbin international has created a unique image in the Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Industry { HO.RE.CA } with the brands named “Softel” & “Lonel”

“Our customers trust enhance our vision and enrich our mission”



Our mission is to provide the premium quality of Hygiene Paper products & Food Packaging Products among customers and create healthy lifestyle.


Our vision is to create hygienic & eco friendly environment by providing great quality of hygienic products with awareness towards nature among human society and create better tomorrow.

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