Cling Food Films

Cling Film is a thin transparent plastic film that made from LLDPE or PVC material adheres to surfaces and is self sealing to preserves the freshness in foods wrapped in it. It is commonly used as a quick, economic and hygienic way to wrap and protect food. Lonelâ„¢ Cling Film is ideally used in freezers, refrigerators, microwave oven etc. It also helps to keep the flavour, freshness and taste of food intact without mixing odours. Lonelâ„¢ Cling Film is also useful for protection against dust, moisture, fungus and has a high transparency which gives a healthy look to packaged food. Although Cling Film is commonly used for food protection and storage, it can also be used for a variety of other applications in Salon Industry as Bayalage Film.

Cling Benefits

  • 100% Recyclable and environment friendly.
  • Keeps food fresher
  • 100% Microwave Safe and Freezer Friendly
  • Private Labels Available

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