Softel aluminum Foils is producing quality foils for Household Industry, Restaurants & Catering Industry. We produce high quality foils which is 100% food grade, completely hygienic, recyclable, and Bacteria resistant. Softel Foils are manufactured according to global standards to maintain the food fresher, healthy and safer for last long. We produce both catering and consumer products and are known for our excellent customer service.

Size Width
100 Meter in 18 Microns 300MM
250 Meter in 18 Microns 300MM
1 KG Net in 18 Microns 300MM
72 Meter in 10.5 Microns 450mm
72 Meter in 10.5 Microns 300MM
18 Meter in 10.5 Microns 300MM
Size Width
9 Meter in 10.5 Microns 300MM
10 Meter in 10 Microns 440MM
75 Meter in 10 Microns 440MM
150 Meter in 18 Microns 440MM
250 Meter in 18 Microns 440MM

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